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Lift Sunk Concrete Pads and Sidewalks with Foam

Raise Concrete. Fill Voids. Stabilize Soil.


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Concrete Lifting with Spray Foam

Lift Driveways, Sidewalks and Concrete Pads

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Applications

Polyurethane concrete raising is used to raise and support sunken or unstable concrete slabs.

Greener Solutions offers a fast, economical repair solution. For correcting concrete settlement and instability. Using high-density polyurethane foam injection for concrete lifting, stabilization, and void filling applications.

This application has a mess-free work environment. With a quick cure-time which is less disruptive as the area is available within minutes not days. Because of the lightweight characteristic of polyurethane, it will not overburden the soil.

We have a Geotechnical Polyurethane Foam System for any project. Including:

  • concrete lifting and levelling
  • foundation repair
  • infrastructure remediation
  • erosion control
  • pipeline trench breaker
  • or mine reclamation

Our products guaranteed the highest quality products. Regardless of what geotechnical challenge is in front of you.

How Does Foam Concrete Lifting Work?


We drill a small hole through the concrete area that has sunken. The hole is dilled to the ground below. This hole is used to insert the nozzle of the spray foam pump.


Once the spray foam nozzle pump is inserted. The foam is gently injected through this hole. The foam expands in the void below the concrete. Compressing loose soil and raising the concrete.


Once the concrete has been levelled and stabilized. The small hole is patched. The area is cleaned up in minutes. Unlike the mud-jacking process which is far more intrusive.

Concrete lifting or foam-jacking uses dime-sized holes drilled into the concrete. These holes are ideal for exposed aggregate surfaces.
The injection holes, patched with stained concrete to blend in with surfaces.

This high-density foam is hydrophobic so it is ideal for wet applications. It provides a moisture barrier as it is resistant to water penetration.

Concrete lifting is also referred to as:

  • foam jacking
  • polyurethane concrete raising
  • poly-jacking
  • poly-levelling
  • slab lifting

The process, derived from the traditional concept of mud jacking.



Sidewalk Lifting with Spray Foam

Greener Solutions uses hydrophobic foam, meaning it can react with water. Which has been specifically designed for residential concrete lifting.

This 2.0 lbs per cubic foot density foam have a fast reaction time with less spread. This provides more control in the lifting of the concrete slabs in your driveway, patio, pool deck, walkways, garage approaches and sidewalks.

Advantages of Concrete Foam Lifting

  • Less expensive than concrete replacement
  • Fast turnaround time. 40 minutes with foam. 5 days mud jacking
  • Little to no mess (concrete powder from drilling)
  • We drill 1.8cm holes, 6cm hole is used with mud jacking
  • Moisture resistant, will not wash away
  • Does not shrink over time
  • Does not any weight to the soil under the concrete
  • Foam expands to fill all voids

How do I Fix Sunken Concrete?

Is your concrete driveway sinking?

Spray Foam Injection can level your concrete.

Concrete is a very strong, durable building material. After all, it’s the building material of choice for high-traffic spaces. From airport runways and sidewalks to driveways and foundations. Yet, for all its strength and usefulness, concrete does have a lifespan.

Over time, concrete slabs can suffer a variety of problems. Including sinking and unevenness; breaking and chipping; and surface pitting, flaking and deterioration.

The soil under concrete slabs can become saturated and soft or wash out completely. The risk becomes higher when the soil below the slab was not properly compacted.

There are several solutions for lifting and levelling sinking concrete. Including, Mudjacking, Concrete Replacement and Spray Foam Injection.

But depending on the issues, there is only one choice; polyurethane foam. For both price and effectiveness, foam injection is the way to go. Refer to the chart here to see the advantages of Foam Injection to level concrete.


Which concrete products can spray foam help level?

Foam injection can level many forms of a concrete structure, including but not limited to:

  • Concrete Stairs
  • Patio Slabs
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways

Concrete Leveling/Lifting with Spray Foam

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We’ve partnered with Finance-It to offer you affordable monthly payment options. The application process only takes a few minutes and you’ll find out if you’re approved in seconds.

Finance-It uses bank-level encryption to protect your personal information. Finance-It also provides a fair and transparent experience.