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What is the cost of spray foam insulation?

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Choosing a high-performance insulation material is an important step to improve the efficiency of your home, business and outbuildings.

Not only does Icynene spray foam insulate your home, it air seals too, contributing to increased energy-efficiency and lower heating and cooling bills. When you insulate with spray foam, you’ll experience many benefits including these five:

  • improved indoor comfort
  • lower monthly heating and cooling costs
  • improved energy efficiency of HVAC equipment
  • quieter spaces to live, work, rest and play in
  • reducing the ability of allergens and pollutants entering the home

Spray foam insulation is the ideal choice for insulating your home and buildings.Spray foam outperforms traditional insulation in all seasons. Proper insulation provides a level of indoor comfort year-round.

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Cost Spray Foam Insulation

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Cost of Spray Foam Insulation

The cost varies on a number of variables.

What does spray foam cost?

This is the most often asked question we receive when people are looking for spray foam insulation.

First of all, this is not an easy queston to answer. There are many questions we would need answered. Even more, we may need to visit your location for a visual inspection.

As with most services, the cost of spray foam insulation depends on many variables. Variables such as:

  • What type of spray foam insulation do you need?
  • .Is it new construction or renovation?
  • Do we have easy access to the areas?
  • Do we need to mask off areas for overspray?
  • Is the area in the basement, main floor, 2nd floor, ceilings?
  • Do we need scaffolding?

Not to mention, we won’t know 

  • Quantity of foam/insulation
  • How much labour is needed
  • Type of foam (open cell or closed cell)
  • What area of the province is the project in?

We are not trying to dodge the question. As you can see there are a lot of variables. We can provide a rough estimate, but the price may change once we are on site and see the area requiring insulation.


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