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All Weather Roof Protection

Protect your buildings and their contents


Spray on Roof Coatings

Protective coatings specifically designed for roofing applications. Tried and tested spray-on coatings for the roof coating industry.


For New Construction and Existing Roof Retrofit




All Weather Spray Coating Protection formulated to withstand the toughest of climates.

From the hottest of summers. The coldest of winters. Spray Foams and Protective Coatings have you covered!

Typical Spray Coating Applications

  • New Roof Applications
  • Existing Roof Retrofit
  • Leak Protection
  • Heat Loss Prevention
  • Direct to Metal Waterproofing
  • Slope-to-Drain Upgrades

Roof Spray Coating
Features & Benefits

  • Exceptionally Tough Membrane
  • Fast System Installation
  • VOC / Odour Free
  • Green Product
  • Seamless Installation
  • Spray-In-Place Flashing
  • Instant Dry
  • Variable Thicknesses
  • Smooth or Textured Finish
  • Aluminized Additive to Resist Discolouration
  • 5, 10, 15 Year Warranties Available

Roof Armour HD Spray Coating

Fast set, liquid applied Hybrid Polyurea protective coating.
Specifically designed for roofing application on top of Spray polyurethane foam-based (SPF) roof systems.

Features include:
Tough and Elastromeric
Chemical Resistant
Low-Temperature Flexibility
Quick Drying
Abrasion and Impact Resistant
Aluminum UV Resistant

Direct To Metal (DTM) Spray Coating

Direct to Metal formulated for optimal bonding to both new and old metal buildings. DTM is a 100% solid protective coating that has enough elasticity to expand and contract. Maintaining its adhesion and strength. This product is perfect for buildings with leaking metal roofs both new and old.

Features include:
Improved low-temperature flexibility
Improved tensile and elongation properties
Lower sensitivity to moisture during application
Improved low-temperature cure
Aluminum UV resistant

Acrylic Spray Coating

Roof Armor Acrylic is a cost-effective way to seal spray foam and protect it from harmful UV rays. Acrylic is a high-solids, heat-resistant, single-component waterborne acrylic elastomeric coating. That is sprayed through a high-pressure airless sprayer. It has been formulated to have excellent adhesion to polyurethane foam. As well as other properly prepared construction surfaces.

Features include:
Ease of application
Outstanding UV resistance
Excellent low-temperature flexibility
Non-flammable; water clean-up
Excellent dirt pickup resistance
Excellent fungus & mildew growth resistant

Silicone Roof Spray Coating

Silicone Roof Spray is a single-component silicone elastomer.

Specifically designed to protect construction surfaces from the effects of weather and moisture. The outstanding features of Silicone Roof Spray Coatings are its high solids content, rapid cure, and superior physical properties. The Silicone Roof Spray Coating is designed as a two-coat system consisting of a basecoat with a contrasting-colored topcoat

Features include:
Superior Abrasion Resistance

Heat Shield Spray Coating

Heat Shield is a two-component spray-in-place rigid monolithic closed cell foam. Used as a superior thermal insulation and waterproofing product. For new and remedial roofing. Heat Shield has a superior R-Value and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals.

Features include:
Great Yields
Great Closed Cell Content
Economical Pricing

Heat Shield Plus Spray Coating

Heat Shield Plus is a two component, spray polyurethane foam system. Designed for use as a self-adhering, seamless, high insulating. Spray applied rigid polyurethane foam roofing system.

Features include:
Excellent Cure and Overlap Adhesion
High Yields
High Closed Cell Content
Good Dimensional Stability

Add Insulation. Stop Leaks. Protect Your Suff.

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Add waterproofing to your roofs and metal buildings.

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