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Blown In Insulation

Blow-in Fiberglass Insulation

Blow In Insulation

Reduce Energy Costs. Lower Heating & Cooling Costs.

Blown in insulation can greatly reduce energy expenditure, lowering heating and cooling costs. 

Blow In Insulation Contractors Regina, Saskatoon SaskatchewanGreener Solutions uses Johns Manville Climate Pro® blow-in fiberglass insulation.

Johns Manville Climate Pro® blow-in fiberglass insulation offers R-values from R-11 to R-70. Blow in insulation can also be used for blowing in our Blow-In-to fill walls, ceilings and irregular spaces.

Ideal for new construction, existing homes, garages, large and small commercial buildings, steel buildings and agricultural buildings.

Benefits of Blown In Insulation

For new construction or adding more insulation to older homes and buildings

Increase your home’s energy efficiency

Upgrade or add blown in insulation for your attic. It will protect your home from the outside environment and keep you and your family comfortable inside.

Energy Efficiency

Blown in insulation is much more airtight than standard insulation. The blown material is smaller and able to get into tiny cracks and crevices of your attic. Where air leaks through. This versatile material can fill in around beams, pipes, and other odd shaped objects.

Blow in insulation fits in all spaces. Making it a much better and more energy-efficient solution than rolled batting. It is also moisture resistant, so it prevents mold, odor, and rot from creeping into your home.


High quality and energy-efficient materials tend to cost more. Blow In fiberglass insulation is more costly than cellulose insulation. But it can create huge savings in your energy bills. The extra cost spent on fiberglass installation will reduce your utility savings. Usually within 2 to 4 years. It is also a great alternative to spray foam insulation to meet any budget.

Fiberglass Insulation Material

There are two main types of insulation used today. Fiberglass insulation comes in both rolled batting and blown forms. While cellulose comes in blown form only.

Fiberglass insulation consists of recycled glass and sand. Both are renewable and abundant resources. Thus making it an eco-friendly solution for the home, office and the environment. It is also one of the most tested insulation products on the market today.

Cellulose is made from recycled, environmentally safe materials as well. But has been through very little health and safety testing. Blown in cellulose can also settle up to 20%. Causing loss of R-value over time. While fiberglass insulation has very little to no settling.

Fire Resistance

Fiberglass insulation, when installed correct, is an airtight material. Its properties are excellent for reducing the risk of fires. Due to the tight sealing it prevents air from flowing through small spaces and fueling the flame.

Noise Reduction

Due to its airtight seal, this type of insulation helps reduce noise. Blow In insulation will act as a sound buffer, giving you the quiet that you need.

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